Rising Moon School of Yoga

2020 Pilot Programs

Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training


PLEASE NOTE: Our 2020 Pilot Program 300-hour Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training is intentionally small to provide a focused, intimate teacher training experience, and is priced beyond competitively for what we’re offering. We expect to receive more applications than we can enroll; we will do our best to select trainees who are dedicated to their practice, are prepared to stay engaged for the duration of the program, and are eager to explore the depth-work of yoga.

A Deposit of $150 is due with your application, and is only refundable if you are not accepted into the training. Early Bird Tuition is applicable if paid in full by December 15, 2019. Regular Tuition may be paid in 4 installments on the first of each month, January through April, 2020.

APPLICATION FOR ENROLLMENT in 2020 Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training with Caroline Cardino
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Applicant's Name
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Emergency Contact
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Application for Enrollment in RSMY 2020 Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training
Please be thorough and succinct in your responses!
We'd like to know what feels compelling about this training, how it aligns with your interests or life path, and how you see it impacting your life during and after the training.
Discuss how long you've been practicing, styles you've done, what your relationship with yoga has been and is. Tell us about your current practice: frequency, type of movement, classes or home practice? It's helpful to know how you view yourself - beginner, advanced, etc. - and why.
Have you ever taken Caroline Cardino's yoga class? *
Respond mindfully to help us in preparing the training materials:
Respond mindfully to help us in preparing the training materials:
I plan to teach yoga after the training.
I'm taking this training for self-growth.
I'm taking this training for the yoga with Caroline.
My main reasons for wanting to do this training are not listed here.
Please discuss (with dates) any major injuries or illnesses, surgeries, mental illnesses, or special needs you may have. The practice of yoga offered in this training is intended to be accessible to everyone, and is designed to be a tool for healing physical, emotional, and psychospiritual pain. Your responses here will enable us to better craft a program for you; they will not disqualify you from participating in the training.
This training is intended to be of particular use to people in the process of transition, transformation, and inner evolution. That's most of us, really. What we'd like to know more about is where you are in your life and where you feel you're heading. Please practice being succinct while getting across what's meaningful!
This information will be used to establish housing situations for all trainees. Upon room assignment, you will be sent an invoice for payment.
Twin in shared room & bathroom = $630; King w/private bath, double occupancy = $810; King w/private bath, single occupancy = $1,080
First Choice *
Second Choice *
Third Choice *
If Twin shared room, which of the following are true for you:
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If King, double occupancy, do you have a roommate lined up?
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