Rachel Skinner, LMT, CYT

Rising Moon School of Yoga

2020 Pilot Programs

Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training



January 11 to June 27, 2020

300-hour Teacher Training: 10 Virtual Classroom meetings, 2 Retreats, 22 weeks of Yoga Study & Caroline’s audio yoga classes, 3 Mentoring sessions

Created & led by Caroline Cardino, assisted by Rachel Skinner

Virtual Classroom

Every other Saturday, 9am to 1pm Pacific Time: January 11, 25; February 8; March 14, 28; April 11, 25; May 9, 23; June 6

Retreats in Joshua Tree, CA

Winter Retreat: February 22-29

Summer Retreat: June 20-27

Yoga Study & Mentoring

Yoga Study: assigned weekly. Self-directed assignments and yoga classes to engage you in study and practice throughout the week without overwhelming your daily life.

Yoga Mentoring with Caroline: scheduled individually.

Tuition & Retreat Accommodations

Tuition: $2,900 or Early Bird Tuition: $2,450

Add’l fee for Retreat Accommodations - see Tuition & Fees for details and Application for Enrollment


Apply, register, and start reading! Schedule your first Mentoring call.

Committing to six months of yoga study and focused practice is a big decision. Life-changing, in fact.

Once you decide to take the plunge into our 300-hour Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training, you’ll submit an online application and pay a non-refundable deposit. Upon acceptance into the program, you’ll receive an acceptance letter and the required and recommended reading lists. We’ll cover a lot of material in six months and you’re encouraged to start reading early!

This Teacher Training is a highly personalized experience, with one-on-one Mentoring to support you in your journey.

The week before the program starts, the lead teacher trainer, Caroline, will meet with you for your first Yoga Mentoring session to establish your goals and craft a plan of action to stay motivated with the self-directed aspects of the program.


Every other Saturday morning, trainees meet for 4-hour video conference classes and discussions.

Trainees participate in self-care check-ins, philosophical discussion, and general Q&A. Caroline and Rachel offer classes and facilitate discussion on a variety of topics, including: yoga philosophy, theory, and history; ethics & business; asana principles, pose analysis, and teaching techniques; anatomy & physiology; yogic cleansing & self-care techniques; and assigned readings, which range in subject from ancient yogic texts to neurology to mythological spirituality.

The Virtual Classroom offers a flexible training experience - you can participate from anywhere you happen to be, as long as you have your laptop and wifi!


Six months of weekly assignments to help you establish self-care routines, invigorate your asana practice, and develop an embodied spiritual practice


Immersing in mindfully-curated, self-directed Yoga Study takes your practice beyond asana, integrating the other 7 limbs of yoga into your life. Gain profound personal insights and establish healing routines to set yourself up for a lifetime of spiritual practice, and hold you in good stead if you choose to teach yoga.

  • Yoga Practice: Turn your practice into a lifestyle with assigned weekly audio recordings of Caroline’s yoga classes and additional classes at a local yoga studio of your choice. Receive guidance in carving out sacred space in your home and build confidence and consistency in your home practice.

  • Self-Care: Establish a life-long habit of self-care with support and accountability. Repattern your dietary and lifestyle habits, and incorporate qigong, meditation, mantra and self-talk into your healing regimen.

  • Anatomy Study: Learn in-depth anatomy and physiology through Caroline & Rachel’s Basic and Advanced Yoga Anatomy videos. Complete weekly workbook assignments, quizzes, and discussions to solidify your understanding.

  • Journaling: Self-reflection assignments bring home the readings and our Virtual Classroom philosophical and spiritual discussions. Your journal is for your eyes only: it’s intended to establish a habit of inner dialogue, illuminate your deeper struggles, and help you process difficult experiences as they inevitably arise.

  • Teacher Training: Practice sequencing & teaching exercises that advance over the course of the training to build your creativity and confidence as a yoga teacher.

  • Reading Assignments: Read and respond to assigned books and articles covering an array of subjects, including: yoga theory, history, and philosophy; psychology & neurology; the chakra system and the human mythological experience; and the science of yoga.


Three one-on-one meetings with Caroline to discuss your goals and progress throughout the program - and an assignment to stretch your yoga horizons!

A unique aspect of this teacher training is the quality of personal attention and guidance trainees receive from the lead trainer. At the beginning, midpoint, and end of the program, Caroline meets with you to provide support, guidance, and feedback regarding your assignments, practice teaching, and challenges arising for you. After graduation, you’ll also be able to join her Mentorship Program for support in navigating your experience as a new yoga teacher.

A key tenet of this training is a non-dogmatic approach to yoga and spiritual practice.

With this in mind, trainees will seek out a short-term yoga mentor who is unaffiliated with the training. This Mini-Mentorship exercise creates a brief opportunity to explore the traditional yogic role of Student humbly requesting knowledge and insight from a chosen Teacher. This experience will broaden your understanding of yoga styles and philosophies, and enrich your own teaching.


Delve deeper into experiential yoga during the two 8-day Retreats in Joshua Tree, CA.

The Retreats are a time for trainees to come together to live, study, practice, and support each other as a yoga community. 


The pivotal moment of any spiritual experience is accepting the “call to adventure”, as Joseph Campbell puts it. During these Retreats, you’ll do just that by leaving your comfort-zone and venturing forth into the mystical, surreal landscape of Joshua Tree to immerse yourself in yoga practice and learn how to teach.

The Retreats are where the depth-work happens.

Removing ourselves from our familiar environment shakes up the psyche. Entering into the energetic, healing landscape of the desert soothes the nervous system and allows the dreambody to emerge. We disconnect from modern, hurried, busy life and reconnect to the cycles of the moon and sun. We step out of the stream of Time and Place and shift into a state more in tune with Nature and our primal, eternal selves. We slow down, turn inward, and remember what it’s like to exist in the world as simple beings: eating and sleeping when our bodies tell us to, fully present in each moment of the day. 

These Retreats from our daily lives become the energetic setting for our deliberate immersion in a structured - almost monastic - existence of meditation, spiritual practice, energy cultivation, emotional attunement, and communal learning. This is the traditional, transformative experience of living a yoga practice. You’ll immerse in a cleansing lifestyle in accordance with the 8 Limbs of Yoga; experience the power of meditation within a group field; and grow your community of fellow travelers, healers, and loving souls.

The Teacher Training Retreats are structured around the chakra system.

The Winter Retreat focuses on Chakras 1 through 4: ROOTS TO BRANCHES - grounding into earth & tribal connections; awakening & harnessing creative energy; removing blocks to inner power & sense of Self; awakening the Inner Healer & Warrior; and healing heart wounds to allow emotional connection.

The Summer Retreat focuses on Chakras 4 through 7: BRANCHES TO SKY - outward expansion & expression; speaking heartfelt truth; awakening the Inner Visionary & Teacher; and spiritual connection & living within the universal field.

During the Retreats, Caroline will teach you the Art of Teaching Yoga: sensing energy and emotion; planning and improvising sequencing; seeing bodies and people beyond the poses; using voice and presence to hold sacred space; and how to touch with empathy, compassion, and respect. You’ll actively and collaboratively practice these skills to become intuitive, creative, inspiring yoga teachers.

Daily schedule for both Immersion Retreats:

  • 7AM to 10:30AM: Morning Intensives - meditation, asana practice, & yoga study

  • 10:30AM to NOON: Midday Break - shower, eat, rest 

  • NOON to 6PM: Teacher Training - learn & practice teaching skills

  • Evenings are unscheduled - rest, socialize, study, hike, hot tub - this is your time to unwind.

The RMSY 300-hour 2020 Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training culminates with the Summer Immersion Retreat, which begins on the Summer Solstice and closes with a sweet Ceremony & Graduation to celebrate our yogic journey together!