Rachel Skinner, LMT, CYT

Rising Moon School of Yoga

2020 Pilot Programs

Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training

Created & led by Caroline Cardino, assisted by Rachel Skinner

The Art of Teaching Yoga 

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What’s different about this teacher training?

Most foundational yoga teacher trainings offer a bare-bones, informational understanding of yoga: a little Sanskrit, some formulaic sequencing principles, and basic talking points to offer in a class. Anatomy education is frighteningly scant; the lack of teachers’ understanding of the physiological effects of poses and the natural variance in joint shapes and mobility is leading to a statistical increase in yoga injuries across the country.

There’s also a tendency in many trainings to treat yoga as an extreme sport or a means of spiritual bypass - using spiritual ideas as a way to avoid dealing with unresolved emotional baggage or trauma. In a culture of homogenized, mass-produced yoga trainings, Business & Ethics courses are an afterthought: perhaps a brief discussion of what the word “ethics” means, and a business course consisting of The Secret or a discussion about Abundance. Even teachers who get a lot out of their trainings step into their new role feeling insecure, unsupported, and unsure of how to address many issues they encounter with students, clients, and the yoga industry in general.

Caroline Cardino’s Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training offers you so much more.

This 300-hour Teacher Training program is designed to be life-changing. It’ll give you ancient and modern tools to navigate the chaos of life, space and support to shift old patterns, an embodied spiritual practice to carry you through this lifetime (and others!), and…

…it will teach you How to Teach.

In addition to learning anatomy, class sequencing, pose analysis, hands-on assisting, and actual practice teaching, Caroline will teach you the nuances of her unique approach to teaching yoga:

  • see and respond to nuances in human movement, energy fields, and shifting emotional states

  • stay grounded and present while supporting those who may not be

  • improvise classes to meet the needs of the specific students who’ve shown up

  • use your voice, words, and presence to create sacred space, guiding students into their Inner Landscape to explore their own depths

Even if you don’t intend to teach, learning what goes into creating a yoga practice and honing these skills will change you. Your personal practice will evolve into something that sustains and lifts you. You’ll relate to yourself, your work, and other people from an integrated, compassionate place. You’ll be more You.


Physiological & Energetic Anatomy

We love the idea of using asana to integrate the body, psyche, and spirit. Making this a reality, however, requires a experiential understanding of the body and energy systems. For that reason, this teacher training is built on a foundation of anatomy education and energy cultivation.

Throughout the training, you’ll learn in-depth Anatomy & Physiology through Caroline & Rachel’s weekly instructional videos and during the Retreats you’ll get in-person, hands-on instruction:

  • Anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology detailed well beyond the standard concept of “yoga anatomy”

  • Learn what fascia is and how it functions as a nervous system & endocrine system organ

  • Understand the mechanics of movement, range of motion, and functional vs superficial muscle action

  • Study common yoga injuries and how to avoid them; understand the natural changes the human body undergoes during a lifetime

  • Learn about and experience the human energy systems - the chakras, the craniosacral system, the koshas, the meridians - and their anatomical correlations

  • Develop an embodied understanding of the interconnectedness of the psyche, the emotional body, the physical body, and the energetic systems

Sequencing and Pose Analysis

There’s an artistry to sequencing yoga classes. It requires understanding how the body needs to be warmed and moved in order to build to advanced poses. It requires a broad experience of practices to draw from so your students stay interested and engaged. It requires flexibility and confidence in problem-solving so you can change course mid-class, when necessary. And teaching private clients requires a whole different set of strategies!

In this teacher training, you’ll learn how to sequence:

  • Classes at beginner, intermediate, advanced, and mixed levels of practice

  • Creatively, confidently, and safely for groups and one-on-one sessions

  • Based on actual human anatomy & physiology instead of theoretical ideals

  • With modifications for most injuries and life stages, including pregnancy

  • Intuitively and intelligently - receive support and guidance as you practice improvising classes

Assisting & Seeing Skills


Research shows that patients in a medical setting start feeling better just from feeling seen, heard, and understood by their care provider. Which isn’t surprising, is it? Human beings need connection to feel complete, accepted, and safe. When we meet our students with compassionate presence, seeing them and hearing them fully, the healing of yoga has already begun.

With Caroline’s guidance, you’ll learn how to:

  • Assess and teach to your students’ various learning styles 

  • Communicate respectfully and effectively with people from all walks of life

  • Listen with your whole being

  • Touch respectfully & compassionately, and offer heart-felt, energetic hands-on assists

  • Practice intentional self-development exercises and engage partnered exercises to hone your presence, your sensitivity to energy, and your empathing skills

Teaching & Leadership Presence

With a decent script and a basic knowledge of poses, literally anyone can teach yoga.

Teaching depth-dredging, transformational yoga, however, takes much more skill and self-awareness - and practice, practice, practice!

In this training, Caroline will help you hone strengths, improve weaknesses, and discover hidden talents:

  • Discover the meaning of “presence” - explore your voice & posture

  • Demonstrate poses, maintain good body mechanics while teaching

  • Find your authentic, empowered voice - practice clear, concise cuing

  • Practicum teaching for groups & one-on-one classes

  • Learn to think on your feet while teaching one or many students

  • Receive valuable feedback, support, and guidance from Caroline, Rachel, & your fellow trainees

  • Incorporate your own insight into your teaching to offer students more than just asana points and meme-worthy cues - learn how to tap into what inspires and enlivens you and speak from that place!

Business & Ethics of Teaching Yoga

As you embark on the path of teaching yoga, it’s vitally important to create a professional work life that truly resonates with you. Setting boundaries and establishing a business model that aligns with your ethics is vital to maintaining healthy, safe relationships with students, studios, and yourself.

  • Basics of Business: how to operate as a self-employed Yoga Teacher

  • Understand our economic system and the yoga industry - and the roles we play within both: independent contractor, employee, business owner, entrepreneur; teacher, student, mentor, mentee, studio owner

  • Get clear on your ethics and choose a business model based on your internal truths vs. economic necessity, “spiritual” or magical thinking, or outside pressure - learn to think outside the box with your business!

  • Establish personal and professional boundaries regarding money, time, energy, and relationships

  • Examine personal and sexual boundaries with students or your own teachers, looking at recent yoga industry “scandals” for lessons

  • Find balance between “charging what you’re worth” and making yoga accessible to your students

Answering the Call to Teach

I love teaching yoga. After 20 years of practice, I still find new inner landscapes to explore and I continue to find grounding and peace. My relationship with yoga is really a framework for my relationship with myself. I am grateful for this path every time I step to the front of a class and take that first breath to speak. I am grateful to have Rachel’s grounding presence and healing hands assisting me in this Teacher Training.

With Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training, I’ve poured my years of experience, analysis, study, time, energy, and passion into offering a training that will give you the skills and experiences to teach yoga well. Part of teaching meaningful classes is having transformative experiences - not just learning about Yoga, but allowing Yoga to do its work! My goal is to teach you what I know and how I teach, and help you discover your own passions, talents, and path. My goal is to help you become the best teacher you can be.

Whether to take a yoga teacher training is a huge decision. It’s a substantial investment of your time, money, and energy, and there are literally thousands to choose from. You need to make an informed decision about what you’re investing in! Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

Whether you choose this teacher training or any other, I wish the best for you in your practice, your teaching, and your life.


~ Caroline