Private Yoga

therapeutic yoga los angeles private session

Deepen your self-love.

Create a loving and intimate relationship with yourself through the powerful practice of yoga.

Rachel provides a nurturing space for you to experience the benefits of yoga.

Private Yoga Stamina Energy Los Angeles


On your mat, you’re invited to be curious and explore the way your body wants to move, release tension, and restore balance. Most of all, yoga helps build a loving relationship with your body encouraging connection through breath, movement and listening.

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Yoga teaches many techniques to help bring your mind into the present moment. The over arching goal of a yoga practice is to prepare the mind for meditation. We can reduce stress and increase concentration and awareness so your mind feels peaceful, relaxed, and focused.

Yoga helps connect you to something bigger than yourself. It teaches about the energy aspects of movement, the power of setting intentions, and your connection to the universe. It isn’t a religious practice but it is spiritual. Yoga inspires soulful insights and healing affirmations.  

Private Yoga Sessions offer deep transformative experiences that benefit your overall health and wellness.

  • It provides a unique approach to pain management and prevention, as well as, rehabilitation.

  • You will experience the energetic side of yoga, offering emotional and spiritual support, reducing symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.

  • Individualized yoga instruction teaches you how to explore poses safely and mindfully.

  • These sessions give you the confidence to participate in yoga classes and create your own home practice.

Dress comfortably in clothes you can move and stretch in.
The space provides all yoga equipment needed.

Private Yoga Session Fees

75-minute Session


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