Intuitive Healing

Somatic Therapy Los Angeles

The divine in me

sees the

divine in you.

Feel connected to the divine forces within you by awakening your power and igniting your purpose.

Renew your soul connection with Intuitive Healing.


These sessions are designed to help you release suppressed feelings and limiting beliefs, gently transforming them into flowing energy, practicing trust and receiving soulful insights. Every aspect of our being is inherently spiritual but we can feel disconnected, distracted, and distant.

These sessions help you recognize thought patterns, habits, memories, and stories that keep you feeling stuck and alone. You will be guided through Yoga Nidra and learn techniques that help you connect to your Higher Self and feel a greater sense of oneness and connection with the universe.

These sessions will give you tools and help you transform all that is not serving you into love and unspoken truths offering you healing through forgiveness, trust, and acceptance. You will learn how to listen to your own innate wisdom that supports you in creating an intentional, thoughtful, and harmonious life.

Intuitive Healing Fees

2-hour Session


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