Bowen Technique

Natural healing Bowen Technique, Bowenwork

Raise your vibration.

Bowen Technique is a simple way to restore balance, find peace, and raise your vibration.

Bowen Technique uses soothing vibration to elicit deep, healing responses within the body on multiple levels–mind, body, and spirit.


While resting on a massage table Rachel applies Bowen Technique, sets of myofascial moves that send vibrations through the nerves, tendons, and ligaments of your body. The soothing vibrations signal to the brain to reset the body’s nervous, digestive, and musculoskeletal systems. Depending on what is discussed during the check-in will determine what Bowen moves and procedures are used. A session is a combination of receiving these precise moves followed by periods of rest to allow the body to integrate.

Bowen Technique supports the well-being of the body, mind, and spirit. It helps re-educate dysfunctional muscular and postural tension patterns, disengage fight or flight response, as well as move stagnate energy. Bowen Technique is soothing and gentle to receive with minimal intervention. Rachel adjusts her pressure to your comfort.

After a Bowen treatment responses in the nervous system can continue for up to 10 days. Typically sessions are scheduled a week or two apart to allow these processes to complete. You’ll learn gentle exercises to do in between appointments to help integrate the work.

Bowen Technique is known to help treat:


Back pain

TMJ problems


Neck & shoulder pain

Sciatica problems

Respiratory Issues

Digestion issues

Migraines & headaches

Joint pain; ankle, knee, hip

Chronic Fatigue


Frozen shoulder

Menstrual & hormonal imbalances

Pelvic or groin pain


Bowen Technique Fees

2-hour Session


60-minute Session


90-minute Session