Jaw Pain

Recently, I helped a client suffering from TMJ Disorder. I was astounded with the results she received after just one session. It was a great reminder of how effect my work is and what a big difference it makes in people’s lives. It inspired me to write a little about it. If you’ve ever experienced TMJD you know what I’m talking about, but for those who haven’t, TMJD disrupts work, life, and sleep. TMJD is caused by jaw clenching and/or teeth grinding. The jaw muscles are so tense it radiates from jaw down to the neck, shoulders, and spine. Jaw clenching can be a habit we pick up when we’re children. It’s a coping mechanism to carry stress, anxiety, anger, worry, etc. People I have treated with TMJD have reported they feel fatigue, weak, and experience regular brain fog and headaches.

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I believe the key to relieving chronic TMJD is therapy, intuitive healing sessions, and other self-help tools to manage stress. Massage, Bodywork, Acupuncture can help relieve symptoms while emotional healing is taking place. TMJD can also be an acute symptom from an auto accident, surgery, or injury. In this case private yoga sessions, acupuncture, and massage therapy can help rehabilitate and re-train the body. 

I really want to talk about the energetics of this painful phenomenon. This imbalance has to do with the energy of the Throat Chakra. This energy center is our hub for communication both listening and speaking, as well as our creativity and Self-expression. Our voices are often judged and shamed to the point we eat our words and hide them. It is vulnerable and scary to speak our truth and share it with others. The words we have to express carry a vibration and energy and if we keep bearing down on it and forcing it back in, that energy has to go somewhere. My theory is that it is transmitted into the musculoskeletal system, manifesting in jaw, neck, and shoulder tension. There’s more to be said about the energetics but to get more specific it becomes a case by case situation.

If you’re suffering from TMJ Disorder or neck pain and tension please consider the following exercises. 

Journal about these questions to assess:

  1. How challenging is it for me to speak my truth or hear the truth spoken to me? 

  2. Do I feel people hear me and how well do I listen to others? 

  3. How challenging is it to speak my ideas clearly?

  4. Do I feel anger, resentment, or desire revenge?

  5. Do I often crave sugar or over eat when I feel like I want to say something but don’t want to out of fear?

  6. Do I fear public speaking?  

  7. Do I remember vivid memories where people have belittled me, silenced me, made fun of me for speaking my truth?

Soothing the pain with affirmations:

I speak from the heart. I forgive myself. I love and accept myself for who I am. I am safe. I am worthy of speaking my Truth. I witness others’ Truth being spoken with compassion. My truth is in the honesty of my emotions. I am grounded in my truth. I trust myself.

What can you say to yourself that would help your jaw and neck relax and let go?

If you’d like to share your experience please contact me.