Somatic Healing

My healing journey began with yoga and somatic healing. Somatic therapies are sometimes called psychosensory therapies. These therapies use mind-body exercises to help release tension and stress that is negatively affecting physical and emotional well-being sometimes referred to as energy healing. The stress of past emotional and traumatic events disrupts the central nervous system and can cause all sorts of symptoms. Somatic therapies help us develop an awareness of mind-body connection and teach specific techniques that can help release tension, anger, frustration and other disturbing emotions that are felt in the body. The goal of somatic healing is to free us from the stress and pain that is preventing us from fully participating in our life.

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I didn’t understand why somatic therapies worked so well for me until I read the book The Body Keeps Score by Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk. He highlights for me another dimension where pain is trapped and rarely treated deep in the subconscious entangled deep in the body’s tissues sometimes hidden from the conscious mind. The combination of practicing yoga and receiving facilitated yoga nidra therapy sessions I was able to retrieve important memories that I had been suppressing since childhood. As painful as these traumatic childhood memories were to remember they brought me clarity and truth that were keys for my evolution in making sense of my childhood and behavior, my fears and insecurities. Unlocking this information propelled me on a path towards realization and liberation. I realized how checked out, depressed, and confused I had been and why. I finally knew what to talk about in my talk therapy sessions and what to work on in my massage appointments, yoga practice and most importantly my relationships.  

I am on my own journey of shifting pain to peace and continue to work on myself by using a combination of yoga, bodywork, other somatic therapies, talk therapy, and coaching, etc. I love talking about somatic experiences and realizations with other people. I have met amazing people that have inspired me, helped me, and taught me a path back to my truth, back to my body, reconnecting to my heart space. I am so grateful to have found somatic therapies like Yoga Nidra. It gave me healing insight to my story with compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love. I have this natural desire to want to give back. I’ve studied and trained in a few somatic methods so I can offer somatic healing sessions to my family, friends, and community. I would like these treatments to be accessible to all. Please ask me about a sliding scale and payment plan options.                  

Rachel Skinner