A little about cupping...

A massage with cupping treatment could be the perfect combination for you!

michael phelps cupping.jpeg

In 2016 Rio Olympics, Michael Phelps brought the public’s attention to cupping as he performed the race with cupping marks on his back and shoulders. Cupping can be a great treatment for athletes! After an intense workout you might feel sluggish and your muscles feel sore, tight, and inflamed. Cupping could be the technique that improves your recovery by dispersing stagnation and removing toxins. Post massage-cupping treatment like sitting in a sauna or steam room, taking a nap, and drinking a lot of water could give your body extra help to shift from achey and sore to fully rested and recovered.

Athletes are not the only people that can benefit from cupping. I use cupping to help heal scar tissue, relieve lung congestion, release tight fascia or connective tissue, increase joint mobility, disperse stagnation and increase circulation, release muscle adhesions, and relieve sore muscles. Cupping can be performed on the back, shoulders, arms, or legs. It’s great for symptoms like plantar fasciitis, low back pain or neck and shoulder pain.   

Cupping is found in almost every traditional medicine around the world! Humans have been benefiting from this technique for centuries. I find that massage and cupping compliment each other because one therapy is applying downward pressure by pushing on the tissue and the other applies upward, lifting the tissue up. It feels soothing and relaxing as most bodies crave to be pushed and pulled. There are contraindications for cupping just as there are for massage. Contact me if you’d like to know more and schedule a session.

Rachel Skinner