Simple Power of Yoga

Yoga is a sanskrit word that means “to yoke” or union. Yoga yokes your mind, your body, and your spirit into one and that union is called the soul. Yoga brings balance so everything works together in the best way possible.

Something I continue to learn is I don’t have to be perfect to practice yoga. My body doesn’t have to look a certain way, I don’t have to achieve a certain strength or flexibility, be a certain age, or practice a certain spirituality. Yoga helps us eb and flow with life so we feel good in our own body throughout all the ages, stages, and phases. Yoga increases our awareness and empowers us to know how to take care of ourselves. When our body is out of balance yoga can help restore balance, and when we are healthy and balanced yoga can help retain that balance.

Yoga's increase in popularity and growing industry can be challenging to navigate. Knowing your intentions for practicing yoga helps. For example, I teach yoga for its therapeutic benefits. We meet and perform range of motion tests and set goals. I teach yoga to help people relieve aches and pains, improve and restore posture, and increase stamina and vitality. Practicing yoga one-on-one with an instructor has its benefits and so does practicing at a local studio. Yoga enriches our lives with community, spirituality, inner connection, somatic healing, etc.  

For me, yoga is a celebration of diversity. Our bodies are all so different and it’s such a beautiful thing. Yoga is not easy, but it's fun! Yoga shows us our limitations and abilities. When I avoid my yoga mat I know I am avoiding giving my body, mind and spirit the attention it deserves. Yoga has taught me some hard lessons about the illusions of competition, comparison, and my own limited beliefs about myself and my body. My yoga practice has taught me to be less judgmental and more compassionate, patient and accepting of myself. It challenges me on all levels and has shown me how to surrender to my inner power. It’s scary empowering! - in a good way. Yoga has been a constant healer in my life and has made me more aware and present fully embracing life and who I am.