Abdominal Massage

Abdominal massage is slow and therapeutic. I use a special blend of oils and hot herbal compresses that make the experience comfortable and relaxing. In a Thai abdominal massage the general intention is to make space and release tension. But unlike other areas of the body, the abdomen is home of the deepest layer of the body, the organs! Each organ has its own unique functions and qualities and to treat the organs there are certain points on the abdomen that are pressed and held during the massage. Bellies are fascinating places that our culture likes to judge and shame. I am here to tell you that your belly is amazing! It’s the home of your organs and vital energy centers. Love your belly!   


When looking at the abdomen, deep to the skin, abdominal fascia, and muscles we find our organs. The organs are neatly organized and compact in their individual places. There’s so much that happens under the surface of our bellies. On the opposite side of the abdomen is our low back. Deep to the skin, low back fascia and muscles, and spine we find again the organs. When massaging the low back you might feel tension release in your abdomen and visa versa. It’s rare that I don’t treat the abdomen when someone comes in for a low back treatment. In my mind they are one and the same. In some cases low back pain is stemming from abdominal tension and a full abdominal treatment is needed.

I turn to abdominal massage not only in cases of low back pain but also to help treat constipation, menstrual cramps, sluggish digestion, bloating, excessive gas or belching, among other symptoms. Abdominal massage helps release pressure we may feel in our abdomen, encourages the body to detox, and release bound up muscles and fascia.

The abdomen can hold serious emotions, memories, and energy. Abdominal massage is also a somatic therapy and can be very healing for someone who holds emotional stress in their bellies. The mind-belly connection is obvious. We can feel the sensations in our gut when we are nervous or anxious, coining the term “butterflies in the belly”. Our nervous system and our gut have a strong connection partly because there are more nerves found in our gut than even our brain! It is argued weather the stomach is the first or second brain and maybe you’ve experienced the saying “knowing it in your gut”. Gut feelings are real! When our tummy is upset it is hard to not also be upset. The health and well-being of our stomach is so vital to our overall health and well-being.  

Bellies are amazing! We take care of our belly by eating nutritious foods, staying hydrated, exercising, and relaxing. Underneath the surface of our belly are organs at work keeping you happy and thriving. Be kind to your belly, have compassion for your belly, and love your belly!

Rachel Skinner