Rising Moon School of Yoga

2020 Pilot Programs

Yoga Immersion, Teacher Training, & Morning Intensives


Caroline Cardino’s 2020 Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training Pilot Program offers a non-dogmatic, unbranded practice of asana and pranayama. Caroline blends together the practices that have resonated with her over the course of her 20 years of practice: Iyengar Yoga, Forrest Yoga, vinyasa flow, qigong, meditation, and tai chi. As a Visionary Craniosacral Worker, massage therapist, and 4th-year student of Chinese Medicine, she presents a nuanced discussion of yoga and pranayama: poses and practices are dissected from various perspectives, including the traditional asana points, the modern anatomical and physiological understanding, and a psychoemotional and energetic perspective. 

Caroline’s Morning Intensives and weekly audio classes will vary in theme and sequence based on the readings, anatomy study, and Chakras being addressed. Caroline’s practice is unique: she improvises every class she teaches based entirely upon who is present, where the moon is in its cycle, and what kind of energy is prevalent in the field in that moment. Her practice is always intense, regardless of whether it’s particularly challenging or not: the intensity comes from the depth of presence she’s able to draw forth from students - a skill which can be understood and taught. 

Caroline’s asana practice is strong, intense, and dynamic. Long holds draw forth reactions and inner experiences that can be mined for 

As a yoga teacher, she is a strength of presence, a guide, and a seer: she creates a space that feels eternal - the experience of being in her class is like entering a vortex where you lose track of time and you’re simply in flow. Caroline improvises every class she teaches in order to create a practice that will work for every person who has shown up.

Rumi wrote, “there are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground”. This training is not about teaching you the “right” way to do anything. You’ll learn about the body and the practices in question, and we’ll discuss potentially harmful and beneficial effects of certain movements; but our goal is to educate, inform, and suggest, so that each trainee is able to feel out their practice internally. Throughout the training, trainees will be encouraged to explore yoga styles and practices outside of what we offer in this training. For example, neither Caroline nor Rachel practices Kirtan (a beautiful, soulful, voice-lifting practice of yoga), but you’ll be required to take a couple of classes outside of the training in order to have the experience and understand the wide variety of ways to seek spiritual connection through yoga.